• Increase Annual Fellowships and Internships by 50%.
  • Increase LASR Kit Grants by 200%.
  • Extend LASR Science and Educational Research Results to College Regional Centers.
  • Enable Collegiate Centers to Provide LASR Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities (KSAs) to Local Citizens.
  • Foster Community Capacity Building via Workforce Development for Public Safety, Environmental, and Transportation Sectors.

UAS Academy


Secondary Schools

Land.Air.Sea Robotics

UASA Certified Workforce Development Centers

Goal:  Land.Air.Sea Robotics (LASR) Community Capacity

Certified Regional UASA STEM Center

  • Teacher In-service - Workshops
  • Field Use of LASR - Expeditions Abroad
  • LASR Field Day - At Your School
  • Regional Center Certification - It's You
  • Kits for Your Labs - One Stop Pro Shop
  • Accreditation Support - Valid Metrics
  • ​Curriculum Development - Consulting

STEM C1 Curriculum - UASA is validating a post-secondary curriculum for college freshman...

and it's awesome!  Turn your college campus into a walk-in LASR Lab.

Designed to meet ABET & NGSS accreditation recommendations.  UASA is currently working with selected community colleges to aid them in the development of accredited LASR programs and supporting lab courses.

Become a Beta Validation Site

STEM 10 Curriculum - UASA has developed a 17-module secondary education curriculum for 10th Graders.  These are "hands-on" labs for student teams.

UASA STEM 10 is available to teachers now under the OER license, free to public schools!  Using UASAs Templates designed for eBoard social media tools will get those student teams engaged and focused.

Get the UASA STEM 10th Grade eBoard Templates