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Leadership Training Activities

Smart Leaders Do Smart Things.  Smart Teachers Produce Smart Students.  

For the Leader:

The emerging multi-billion dollar Land.Air.Sea Robotics (LASR) industry will see the formation of 1000+ start ups a week for the next 10 years worldwide.  Will yours survive?  UASA has a focused leadership training activity program to ensure you hire and develop the best team for your start up.

UASA Uses Team Performance Science in Everything We Do

Every UASA coach has at least 10 start-up leadership team experiences under their belt.  UASA kits are an excellent starting point for your start up to gain valuable hands on experience in the Maintenance, Operations, Safety, and Training (MOST) of your LASR business unit development.  Courses are taught at the UASA Warrenton Training Center, or if you have a team of 8 or more, your location.  Coaches are selected based specifically for your requirements.  Curriculum labs are based on the core focus of your business to ensure appropriate scope and on-point facilitated team development.

For the Teacher:

The UAS Academy (UASA) is a coalition of educators, unmanned systems professionals, and researchers around the world that are focused on the use of Land.Air.Sea Robotics (LASR) as learning tools for secondary and collegiate students.  UASA uses a "Constructivist Immersive Informal Team" CIIT approach to curriculum design, ensuring the teachers are free to deliver education in their own style, but assured that the learners are on track with the learning objectives and motivated to develop team and communication skills and abilities along the way.  Are your students motivated?

UASA's CIIT Summary of Workforce Development - Land.Air.Sea Robotics Flyer

UASA's Land.Air.Sea Robotics Collegiate AAS and Local Secondary School Mentoring Program

UASA is teamed with HPAtoolbox, the makers of eBoard, the most advanced lab notebook designed as a social and learning tool.  eBoard is an after action review tool... the coolest video, data capture system around.  All UASA curriculum is designed to work seamlessly in eBoard.

The Academy develops curriculum that meets or exceeds the standards applicable for leading educational institutions - saving years of work for educators that want to use LASR as a means of engaging students.

Our primary focus is one providing OER licensed curriculum, teacher in-service training, and a "one stop pro shop" for validated, affordable, and rugged lab kits so that your school can lead the way forward in the use of LASR in STEM education.

UAS Academy also provides "on campus LASR events" - and each summer leads LASR Expeditions around the world helping teachers and students increase their capacity to use LASR as a tool in the community.

Teamed with the leading LASR manufacturers, UASA helps ensure your students will graduate with industry-leading hands on experience.

UASA LASR modules help teachers deliver focused, burst instruction in 40-minute chunks supported by structured and informal labs designed for teams of students to immerse themselves into as they explore the art of the possible while reinforcing STEM knowledge, skills, and abilities.